Friday, August 23, 2013

Miracle that gave Guruji Siddhis


This narrative gives some information about the life of Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar, of whom I previously wrote at these links: here, here and here. The below tells about the miracle that gave Guruji the siddhi to read people’s minds. 

The story of the miracle goes like this: 

Kanchangiri is connected to Thiruvalam Temple by a legend. In the legend, the Nandhi (Lord Shiva’s Bull Mount) of Thiruvalam Temple destroyed the Hill demon Kanchan. After holy water was sprinkled on the demon’s flesh pieces (which lay scattered around the Hill) the pieces were transformed into Swayambu Lingams. 

Nandhi attacking the Demon (at Thiruvalam Temple)

Large Nandhi Guarding Thiruvalam Temple

With information of the legend, a number of researchers from an Ashram in Coimbatore visited the place. After arrival the group arranged all of the 100 Lingams at one place upon a plateau on Kanchangiri

The location of Kanchangiri is about seven kilometres from Ranipet en route Ponnai. After crossing a village called Agravaram, there is a spot known as Lalapet from which place Kanchangiri is visible. One can also come by way of Melpadi, at a distance of five kilometres. 


Kanchangiri 2

Kanchangiri 3

Exactly four years previously, Guruji stayed in Kanchangiri Temple’s Ashram, at the back of which was a Kanni Temple and this is the exact spot where Guruji was bestowed divine powers by Lord Shiva.

Following an incident in his life, Guruji stopped taking food, and continued in this manner for seven months whilst staying at Kanchangiri Temple’s Ashram. One day, when his body was in a dire condition, and there was no hope left for him, he prayed to Lord Unnamulai Ammal, tearfully beseeching, “you give food to the whole World, so why can’t you take care of my needs and feed me?” 

Immediately on uttering this pray, five ladies and five men suddenly appeared and came to Guruji and laid him on the floor. The five ladies sat below the head of the prostrate body, and the five men sat above the head. Each of the five ladies started to remove parts of Guruji’s body, bit by bit, and made up small packages of the body parts. 

During this whole process Guruji felt absolutely no pain. Finally only his head remained. Thereupon the ladies said, “give these small packages, to those that come to meet you, as prasadam.” 

Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar

After this, the five men sitting above him, placed their hands upon Guruji’s head and after a few moments disappeared. At that very moment Guruji’s body reappeared and from that time till this day, Guruji has not had a single problem with his body, even though he hasn’t taken solid food in the last four years. 

Some days after this incident whilst Guruji was in meditation, a Lingam suddenly appeared. In his excitement he tried to touch and lift the Lingam but as it was so heavy he wasn’t able to move it even an inch. Upon being unable to move the Lingam, he decided to perform a puja, so stood up in order to perform the ritual; as he stood the Lingam also lifted up to his position, slowly came towards him, and then mingled with him. 

From that time onwards Guruji has been able to read peoples’ minds and see and understand their problems. 


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