Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arunachaleswarar Temple Puja Details

This week, the Administration Office of Arunachaleswarar Temple gave me the below list detailing pujas that can be performed at their Temple and including current tariffs.

To order a puja please go to their website at this link here.

Pooja Details

1. Arulmigu Swami and Amman Milk Abisegam Rs.750/-

2. Arulmigu Swami and Amman Special Abisegam Rs.2,150/-

3. Arulmigu Vinayagar, Swami and Amman Special Abisegam

4. Arulmigu Pancha Moorthigal Special Abisegam Rs.3,500/-

5. Parivara Moorthi Milk Abisegam (Per Sannathi) Rs.750/-

6. Thirukkalyana (Marriage) Urchavam (including Arulmigu
Swami and Amman Abisegam) Rs.8,500/-

7. 1008 Sangabishegam, Arulmigu Vinayagar, Swami and
Amman Abisegam Rs.8,800/-

8. Maganyasarudra Abisegam Arulmigu Vinayagar, Swami
and Amman Rs.4,500/-

9. Abisega Darshan Fee per Head Rs.250/-

10. Kattalai Archana (One Year) Rs.250/-

11. Annadhanam Per Day (100 members) Rs.1,500/-
Annadhanam Yearly One Day (100 Members Investment) Rs.20,000/-

12. Fixed Depsoit for Kattalai Archana. Rs.5,000/-

13. Marriage Fee Rs.150/-

14. Manamakkal (Bride and Bridgegroom) Azaippu Fee Rs.250/-

15. Golden Car Fee Rs.1,500/-

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