Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mouna Swamigal, Girivalam Roadway

Yesterday I posted a narrative on my Arunachala Grace blog about Mottayan Swami (also known as Mookupodi Swami = "snuff Swami") and Kottankuchi Swamigal (the silent Swami). 

Mottayan Swami (Mookupodi Swami)

On my quest yesterday to find Kottankuchi Swamigal, (who a reader of Arunachala Grace had asked about a long time ago) I spent some time with Mouna Swamigal, a Swami living off the Girivalam roadway and who has dedicated his life to sadhana and service at various Shrines. 

Kottankuchi Swamigal

Mouna Swamigal was born in 1926 in Burma. Coincidentally Swami Ramananda who lives near the Varuna Asta Lingam (on the side of the Girivalam Roadway and near Adiannamalai) and was responsible for the renovation of Adi Annamalai Temple

Swami Ramananda centre in Ochre

of whom you can read about at this link here

Mouna Swamigal

was also born in Burma and of Tamil antecedents. On mentioning Swami Ramananda to Mouni Swamigal he told me that they knew each other very well. 

Swami at his Home off the Girivalam Roadway

Mouna Swamigal came to Tiruvannamalai 15 years ago. When he came he performed girivalam 108 times on 108 consecutive days and it was after competion of that vrata (i.e. vow) that he decided to remain at Tiruvannamalai. Due to his health and advanced years (he is 87 years old) he has not performed girivalam for about 2 years. 

Side of Compound adjacent to Trust's old Gokulam

Previously he stayed for sometime at the Vallalar Temple (off Girivalam Roadway). Later when Mouna Swamigal used to perform pujas at the Kannapar Temple he made a connection with Shantimalai Trust (who renovated that Temple) and is now living in property and land owned by Shantimalai Trust (next to the old Gokalum on Girivalam Roadway). 

Nandi near Simha Tank where Mouna Swamigal performs Puja

He currently regularly performs puja on the Nandi statue opposite his house and in front of a Simha Lion Tank. 

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