Friday, October 4, 2013

Sri Siva Siddhar Mona Swami Birthday Function

The below is a short pictorial history of Sri Siva Mona Siddhar Swami's 52nd Birthday, which was celebrated yesterday at his Ashram at Sethavarai Village, about 20 kms from Tiruvannamalai.

The function was well attended and started off early in the morning and continued onwards till about 2 p.m. that afternoon. Even though there was several functions during the day, Swami had time to meet and talk with his devotees. We were very fortunate in that the weather held nicely throughout the day.

Swami Meeting with Devotees

Spending time with younger devotees

Hundreds attended and cooking continued throughout the day

A Homam was performed at the Samadhi of Swami's Guru

Currently there are around 15 sannyasins living at the Ashram

Most of them perform service at the Ashram

Abhishekam being performed on Swami

Swami in procession for Pada Puja

Musicians played during the various Birthday Functions throughout the day. 

Many devotees performed pada puja

Pada Puja on Swami's Birthday


  1. thank you soooo much meenakshi have done great service by bringing out the function in well thought out photos. some where i was looking for you . but i have not seen you to recognise you.kind regards

  2. Our connection seems to be coming closer and am sure we will meet up soon. Glad you enjoyed the photos of Sri Siva Mona Siddhar Swami. It was a very nice function.