Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eclipses During 2011

During 2011, there has already been two partial solar eclipses, the lunar eclipse of these days and thereafter there will be a further three eclipses.

04 January 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse
01 June 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse

15 June 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse
01 July 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse

26 November 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse
10 December 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse

An Indian Eclipse Legend

"When the gods and the demons churned the milky ocean in days of yore, nectar came out of it. Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Mohini, a charming lady, deluded the demons and distributed the nectar only among the gods. But Rahu had disguised himself as a god. The sun and the moon pointed this out to Mohini who immediately slashed off the demon’s head. Since the nectar had by then already reached up to the neck, he did not die. Thus the head came to be known as Rahu and the body as Ketu. To avenge this betrayal, Rahu and Ketu periodically eclipse the sun and the moon".

Rahu-Ketu Dosha

Esoteric Significance and Observances during Eclipse

According to scriptures and tradition at the time of eclipse, one should bathe in sacred rivers and do charitable acts.

The most recommended ritual to be done on the day is believed to be Tarpanam, which is a ritual performed to appease the souls of ancestors.

During the time of the eclipse those that do Japa or meditate, derive great benefits.

On eclipse day one should wear Pearls or Moonstone gems, Green Emeralds or Green Jade.

The day after the eclipse one should feed the poor, Brahmins and Sadhus.

It is said that the effect of an eclipse lasts for three months during which time one is affected by the waves of its influence.

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