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Relationship of Seshadri Swamigal and Ramana Maharshi

The below is a fascinating narrative written by a devotee of Sri Seshadri Swamigal about an occasion when the Mahan chased away rowdies from a meditating young Brahmana during his early days at the Pathala Lingam at Arunachaleswarar Temple. The narrative is particularly interesting because it explains how the Mahan viewed the nature of the relationship between himself and Sri Ramana. 

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‘That our Swamiji attained Jnana Siddhi after severe penance dedicated to Goddess Parasakthi is well known. Accordingly Mahan used to say many times that he was Parvathi Devi. He used to call Sri Ramana Bhagavan as Subrahmaniamurthy and characterised him as a child. The statement of devotees on the subject indicate the mother and son relationship between the two saints. 

As per his usual practice Sri Venkatachala Mudaliar went to take bath in Sivaganga at 12 noon. At that time some noise emanated from the nearby hall of thousand pillars. On investigation he found five or six rowdies pelting stones into the Pathala Iswara Temple. When he approached near the Temple, there emerged from inside our Swamiji with a loud laughter. Mudaliar was taken by surprised by his sudden appearance. Swamiji asked him not to be afraid and took a Banyan stick lying there and with it drove the rowdies away. 

Then Swamiji came back and told Mudaliar, “See my child is doing penance inside.” Mudaliar asked him how he said that it was his child. Swamiji responded, “you already know that I am Parvathi and I have told you but you have forgotten.” Saying this, Swamiji led him by his hand and asked him to look inside the Temple. Mudaliar got down two or three steps and peeped in and saw someone’s head behind the Sivalingam there. 

Outside Pathala Lingam before renovation

As it was quite dark, Mudaliar was afraid of going aone to the Sanctum and in the company of a few persons crept in and witnessed Sri Ramana Bhagavan sitting stiff like wood in Samadhi. All lifted Sri Raman and brought him out. Both is thighs bore wounds oozing blood resulting from the onslaught of insects. Swamiji patted him on the back and left after telling, “Now do you see my child Skanda.” Thus, it is brought out that our Swamiji as Parvathi had always been looking after Sri Raman as child Skanda.’ 

[By Brahmasri Kuzhumani Narayan Sastriar] 

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