Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vedic Birthday Mobile App.

Our friends at the Vedic Society based in Pondicherry, have developed a beautiful Vedic Birthday mobile app which is available online at this link here.

The project of the development of the app started some years ago when the Vedic Society realised that astrologically there is the birthday we all know and celebrate when the same solar calendar date recurs each year but there is another birthday which more intimately represents the same lunar month and lunar day as the day of our birth.

Every year a similar moment will recur when the “moment” has a similar memory of that moment of our birth and this is our Vedic Birthday. For thousands of years in ancient India this was the only “birthday” that was celebrated. Still today in India birthdays of saints and sages are celebreated using this calendar.

For a long period of history there was a deep awareness of the lunar calendar and even this tradition is preserved not just in the Vedic calendar (the most ancient Indian calendar) but in the Jewish, Persian, Chinese, Nepalese, Mongolian and many other ancient calendar systems still in use today.

The time of our birth in this world is a very special moment indeed. The Vedic Seers taught that each soul will enter the world when the quality of light (manifested by the sun, the moon, the major planets and stars), at that particular location upon earth, has a suitable resonance to the quality of the journey of that particular soul.

It is something very beautiful indeed, very much aligned with soul-consciousness. On that particular Vedic Birthday one should take the time to reset and reflect inwardly on the source of all this universe. 

The mobile app calculates your Vedic birthday for yourself, friends and family and allows you to bring your awareness to this most ancient and beautiful celebration of human life. 


  1. Did you get the app from I Tunes. It looks nice.

  2. Looks like a great app, but I will wait for it to become available on Android/Google Play.