Saturday, February 7, 2015

Visit to Siva Siddhar Mona Swamigal

It was such a beautiful Sunday. The sun was toasty, and the sky almost violet in its intense colouring. It just seemed to right kind of day to venture into the nearby countryside and have a nice adventure and to give myself a treat. The adventure I chose was to catch an autorickshaw with a friend and travel into the countryside a short distance to visit Sri Siva Siddhar Mona Swamigal. 

As is always the custom as soon as we arrived at his ashram, at which ten sannyasins currently reside, we were offered tea. We decided to forgo tea and meals for the chance to take immediate darshan of Swami.

Swami was warm and welcoming and asked why it had been so long since our last visit and then preceded to give both myself and friend private interviews. After giving specific guidance and directions to us both, he sent us to the dining hall for meals. 

While we were eating our meal, Swami continued giving private interviews to the constant stream of visitors to his Ashram. He himself needed to take no repast, as he has been living on a liquid diet only for many years. 

Swami on his Verandah talking with a visitor

Visitors arriving throughout the day to talk with Swami

Samadhi of Sri La Supaya

Siva Siddhar Mona Swamigal’s guru was Sri La Supaya. Sri La Supaya was born on December 13, 1937 and attained samadhi on November 11, 2011. He hailed from Mahadevanmalay, Tiruvannamalai District. He achieved realisation around his 30th year. After his Guru attained Samadhi, Siva Siddhar Mona Swamigal according to his inner guidance came to this place and his ashram has developed accordingly. 

Top of Sri La Supaya's Samadhi a 3-dimensional Chakra


  1. Dear Sir
    How do I visit Sri Mona Swamigal, when I visit Tiruvannamalai. Where is the Ashram?

  2. Address of Swamiji's Ashram
    Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar Dharma Paribalana Trust Sethavarai,
    Nallan Pillai Petral Village and Post
    Ginjee Tk
    Villupuram District
    Tamil Nadu

    (about 25 Kms from Tiruvannamalai)

    To get to Swami’s Ashram you will either need to rent an autorickshaw or car. Make sure to negotiate a price to include waiting time at the Ashram of about 1-2 hours (for interview and prasad) and the price of the return trip. If you have your own transport get directions to his village before you set off from Tiruvannamalai.

    Swami spends a couple of days each week away from his ashram. So if you want to check before you visit whether he will be available, send me an email (top left of this Blog) for his mobile contact number.

    1. Would like to have the ashram's ph no. Am planning to visit tomorrow, Wednesday I.e 6th July. Need to check swami's availability in the ashram

  3. To those that have requested, the current landline number os Swamiji's Ashram is +914145294049

  4. Does Swamiji speak English? If someone doesn't know Tamil, how can one interact with Him?

  5. No Swami does not speak English properly. If you want to have a conversation with him you need to make sure that there will be someone there to help with translating. You can call him on the Ashram landline to check.