Friday, December 25, 2015

Sri Nannagaru visits Arunachala Christmas 2015

One of the best known spiritual Masters who visit Arunachala is Sri Nannagaru. He is currently residing at his Ashram at Tiruvannamalai. He arrived on December 23, and will be leaving and returning to his native place in Andhra Pradesh, in the morning of December 29, 2015. 

Below is a short extract of his narrative about a “pure mind.”

Sri Nannagaru is now 80 years of age

“One must have the grace of God to attain the highest state or the complete bliss state. Ishwara’s (God) grace is of utmost importance to reach the highest state. If his grace is not there, then all efforts may not be successful. The mind is the creation of God. A mind free from desires, greed and jealously, and which neither sees good nor bad, such a mind is known as ‘bangara manasu’ (a mind that is pure). Such a mind is given by Maha Vishnu.

Followed by his Andhra devotees to Arunachala

All the sadhana or spiritual practice that we are doing is to attain that ‘bangara manasu’. Our actions in the past affect us in this birth in two ways: the body suffers from disease;and the mind gets trapped in grief. Both disease and grief are fruits of previous actions (done in past births). So, in this life you must not keep recalling issues that have affected you. Leave them, forget them and move forward. In this life, do not be bothered about the past and the future. Future actions will take place as they have to. Thinking about them and disturbing the mind is not correct. Each one must learn to dwell in solitude (Ekanta Vasa) at least for an hour each day.

Giving Speech at Ashram, December 2015

If you face all events in life happily, slowly the result of the past actions decreases. Gradually you will gain supreme knowledge. Each task or work assigned by God to you must be performed in a righteous way. If it is not possible, then do not do it. As far as possible do not jump into other people’s issues. This again leads to ignorance. But you can do tasks for the welfare of others. 

View of Arunachala from Ashram
Feed and take care of old people and animals in the house. Think that the Lord has come in their form. This process is called seva or selfless service. Then the work does not become a burden. Through work you are glorifying God.” 

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