Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Secrets of Arunachala

In connection with my previous posting on Kenneth Grant and his metaphysical interpretations of the Hill, in which appeared several quotes by Sri Ramana Maharshi. Below follows an extract taken from ‘Letters of Sri Ramanasramam’ by Suri Nagamma, which gives more information about the Hidden Secrets of Arunachala as revealed by the Maharshi.

“. . . One of the devotees addressed Bhagavan:

Devotee:  “You told us once that you had seen on this Hill temples, gardens and such like. Was that all during the period you were on the Hill?”

Bhagavan:  “Yes. That was perhaps when I was in the Virupaksha Cave. I closed my eyes. I felt I was walking on the Hill itself towards the north-east. I saw at one place a nice flower garden, a big temple, a fine compound wall and a big Nandi (a bull, sacred to Siva, carved in stone). There was a strange light. It was extremely pleasant. As I was looking at all these, it was time for Puja (worship). The bell was rung and immediately after that I opened by eyes.”

Devotee:   “Bhagavan told us some time back that there was a big cave also.”

Bhagavan:  “Yes, yes. That also happened when I was living on the Hill. I was wandering about aimlessly, when I found at one place a big cave. When I entered the cave, I saw a number of waterfalls, beautiful gardens, tanks within those gardens, well-laid paths, fine lighting, everything there was most pleasing.

As I went farther and farther I saw a Siddha Purusha (Realised Sage) seated like Dakshinamurti under a tree on the banks of  tank. Around him, a number of Munis (sages) were seated. They were asking something, and he was replying to them. That place appeared to me very familiar. That is all. I opened by eyes.

Subsequently, after some time, when I saw Arunachala Purana in Sanskrit, I found . . . slokas (which described) that cave and that Siddha Purusha, and so I was surprised that what had appeared to me in a trance was to be found in that book. So I wrote their  translation in Tamil . . . Its meaning is ‘Though you are in the form of fire, you have kept away the fire and have taken the shape of a Hill, mainly to shower your blessings on people.  You are always living here in the form of a Siddha. The cave that appeared to me is in you with all the luxuries of the world.’

“Recently (i.e. c.1949), when the temple in Adi Annamalai was renovated, it was reported that in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, a large tunnel was found, and when people tried to find out its extent they saw that it was extending to the very centre of the Hill. As they could not go in very far, they came back. I  therefore thought that that which had occurred to me that which is in the Purana appear to be true, and that the tunnel was the way to the place I had seen.

It is reported that Siddha Purushas come from the cave inside to the temple through the tunnel night after night and go back after worshipping Ishwara. Why so far? Recently something like that was seen even here. I was going on to the Hill as usual when, as I was getting near the steps over there, a big city appeared before me. There were huge buildings of several varieties; well-laid thoroughfares; good lighting; and it appeared to be a great city. At one place, a meeting was being held; Chadwick was with me. He was even saying, ‘Bhagavan, all this is so self-evident. Who will believe if we say this is all a dream!” Everything appeared as if it was actually happening . . . “


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