Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar Ashram

In an earlier posting at this link here, I uploaded photographs of Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar, a Swami with a small ashram close to Tiruvannamalai. I hope to soon post biographical information about the life and spiritual journey of this Swami, but in the meantime am posting the below photographs of Swami's rustic Ashram, and of him at rest. 

The area is surrounded by rugged rock outcrops

The Small Temple in the foreground

The Ashram Temple and Bhajan Hall

The day of a function at the Ashram

Visitors and villagers participate in the function

Swami ever engaged in meeting and counselling devotees

Preparing thread bracelet to be worn as protection
Swami, a great animal lover, at complete rest

From the several stories of Swamiji that I have already heard, Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar had to face a myriad of difficulties and obstacles in his spiritual path. When he was younger he had to often suffer from hunger, as he had insufficient to feed or look after himself. Subsequently he feeds for free all visitors that now visit his Ashram, which sometimes number over 300 people a day. Many pilgrims, devotees or those in need journey to Swami for cures to illnesses as he is noted to be a healer. Others go to him for guidance and advice in both their worldly and spiritual lives. 


  1. Can anyone update any contact number to know if swami is available when we come to ashram

  2. Email at my contact at leftside column of this Blog and I will give you a contact number for Swami.

  3. Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar Dharma Paribalana Trust
    Nallan Pillai Petral Village and Post
    Ginjee Tk
    Villupuram District
    Tamil Nadu

    Landline +914145294049

    1. please give address and location phone no