Thursday, August 8, 2013

Somasutra Pradakshinam 2

In an earlier posting at this link I posted a narrative explaining how to perform the special form of circumambulation of Shiva during Pradosham which is called Somasutra Pradakshinam. 

Subsequent to that posting I have found a very nice easy to understand diagram on the internet which shows more clearly the method of this special circumambulation. 

Somasutra Pradakshinam

How to perform Somasutra Pradhakshinam (circumambulation during pradosham) 

1. First we pray to Rishaba (Nandi) 
2. Go anti-clockwise and pray to Chandikeswarar without crossing Gomukhi. 
3. Go clockwise from Chandikeswarar to pray to Rishaba and on to Chandikeswarar without crossing Gomukhi. 
4. Go anti-clockwise and pray to Rishaba on to Chandikeswarar without crossing Gomukhi. 
5. Go clockwise from Chandikeswarar without praying to Rishaba and reach Gomukhi but don't cross. 
6. Go anti-clockwise towards Rishaba and pray and reach Chandikeswarar without crossing Gomukhi. 
7. Finally go clockwise from Chandikeswarar towards Rishaba and view Shiva through the two horns of Nandi (Rishaba) the Holy Bull. 

This is called one pradakshinam, we have to perform three such pradakshinams during Pradosha Kalam. 

Nandi – The Bull; is also called Rishaba or Vrishaba 
Chandikeswara – Chandikeswara is the connection between Shiva and Durga and his idol is on the north side of the Shiva’s Sanctum. 
Gomukhi – The holy water from the abhisekam which flows out towards the north direction of the sanctum. 

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