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Sadhana in the Kali Yuga

According to the Vedic scriptures, the current age we are now in, known as the Kali-Yuga, is one of spiritual darkness, violence and hypocrisy. Such Scriptures as the Srimad Bhagavatam teach that during the 432,000 year duration of the Kali Age, humanity will increasingly deteriorate and fall into barbarism. If one looks about the world we are living in, its easy to recognise the amazing accuracy of predictions made thousands of years ago. And yet it is said that because of the difficulties of this Yuga, God has ordained it to be the easiest one in which man can attain liberation. 

Situation of the Kali Yuga 
Humans begin to kill animals for food. They fall under the spell of intoxication. They lose all sexual restraint. Families break up. Women and children are abused and abandoned. Increasingly degraded generations, conceived accidentally in lust and growing up wild, swarm all over the world. Political leadership falls into the hands of unprincipled rogues, criminals and terrorists, who use their power to exploit people. Entire populations are enslaved and put to death. The world teems with fanatics, extremists and spiritual artists, who win huge followings among a people completely dazed by hedonism, as well as by cultural and moral relativism. 

"Religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy, physical strength and memory diminish with each passing day."  
[Srimad-Bhagavatam 12.2.1]

Saints and sages of ancient India describe the people of this age as greedy, ill-behaved, and merciless. In this age, says the Srimad-Bhagavatam, merely possessing wealth is considered a sign of good birth, proper behavior, and fine qualities. Law and justice are determined by one's prestige and power. Marriage ceases to exist as a holy union - men and women simply live together on the basis of bodily attraction and verbal agreement, and only for sexual pleasure. 

Women wander from one man to another. Men no longer look after their parents in their old age, and fail to provide for their own children. One's beauty is thought to depend on one's hairstyle. Filling the belly is said to be the only purpose in life. Cows are killed once their milk production drops. Atheism flourishes. Religious observances are performed solely for the sake of reputation. 

Disharmony of the Kali Yuga

The Linga Purana (ch. 40) describes the human race in the Kali-yuga as a vain and stupid people "spurred on by the lowest instincts." They prefer false ideas and do not hesitate to persecute sages. They are tormented by bodily desires. 

Severe droughts and plagues are everywhere. Slovenliness, illness, hunger and fear spread. Nations are continually at war with one another. The number of princes and farmers decline. Heroes are assassinated. The working classes want to claim regal power and enjoy royal wealth. 

Kings become thieves. They take to seizing property, rather than protecting the citizenry. New leaders emerge from the labourer class and begin to persecute religious people, saints, teachers, intellectuals, and philosophers. 

Civilization lacks any kind of Divine guidance. Sacred books are no longer revered. False doctrines and misleading religions spread across the globe. Children are killed in the wombs of their mothers. Women who have relations with several men are numerous. Predatory animals are more violent. The number of cows diminishes. 

The Linga Purana says that in the Kali-Yuga, young women freely abandon their virginity. Women, children, and cows - always protected in an enlightened society - are abused and killed during the iron age. Thieves are numerous and rapes are frequent. There are many beggars, and widespread unemployment. Merchants operate corrupt businesses. Diseases, rates, and foul substances plague the populace. Water is lacking, fruits are scarce. Everyone uses vulgar language. 

Men of the Kali-Yuga seek only money. Only the richest have power. People without money are their slaves. The leaders of the State no longer protect the people, but plunder the citizenry through excessive taxation. Farmers abandon living close to nature. They become unskilled labourers in congested cities. Many dress in rags, or are unemployed, and sleep on the streets. Through the fault of the government, infant mortality rates are high. False gods are worshiped in false ashrams, in which pilgrimages, penances, charities and austerities are all concocted. 

People in this age eat their food without washing beforehand. Monks break their vows of celibacy. Cows are kept alive only for their milk. Water is scarce. Many people watch the skies, praying for rain. No rain comes. The fields become barren. Suffering from famine and poverty, many attempt to migrate to countries where food is more readily available. People are without joy and pleasure. Many commit suicide. Men of small intelligence are influenced by atheistic doctrines. Family, clan and caste are all meaningless. Men are without virtues, purity or decency. 
[Visnu Purana 6.1]

Sadhana in the Kali-Yuga 

The Sastras state that the purpose of life is to move closer to God. That the person who has reached death and has not moved closer to God, is said to have led a wasted life. In this current age of Kali Yuga the spiritual process recommended by which one can move closer to God is that of devotional service and chanting the name of God. 

Recitation of the Lord's Mantra

“Punsam ekaha vai sadhya hari bhaktih 
Kalau yuge yuga antarena 
Dharma hi sevitavya narena hi”
[Padma Purana, Svarga Khanda 61.5] 

“In Kali-yuga, a person should accept only one process, that is devotional service. According to what process is decided for a particular yuga, that should be followed by everyone without fail.” 

“Kaler dosha-nidhe rajann 
Asti hy eko maha gunah 
Kirtanad eva krishnasya 
Mukta-sangah param vrajet” 

“Although Kali-yuga is an ocean of faults, there is still one good quality about this age: simply by chanting the names of God, one can become free from material bondage and be promoted to the transcendental kingdom.”
[Srimad Bhagavatam 12.3.51] 

[Parts of the above, abridged from India Divine]


  1. All the predictions that were made thousands of years ago about the Kali Yuga are coming true. Its quite amazing.

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