Monday, January 16, 2017

Sri Siva Siddhar Mona Swami's Sadhana Cave

Sri Siva Mona Sidhar Swami was born on October 3rd, 1962 and was given the name of Sri Narayanan at that time. He lived a rustic life in a small Tamil village and at 27 years of age agreed to an arranged marriage which resulted in the birth of a girl child. 

However his yearning for a spiritual life led him to renounce the world and enter into sannyasin. He thereupon went into the forest to perform sadhana and continued to roam about for over 15 years. One day desolate at the meaningless of life he decided to commit suicide by jumping from the summit of Kanjanakiri Mount (near Vellore District). 

He was prevented from this act by the call of sadhu who had seemingly appeared from nowhere. The sadhu invited him to a nearby temple to eat and sleep and in the middle of the night, the sadhu disappeared. Swami lived at that place for seven months drinking only a glass of milk each day. He came to an understanding of the truth of life. 

He then left and proceeded onward to Sethavarai Village where he isolated himself in a cave for 58 days. As a result of his tapas, he received a vision of the Divine and guidance as to his work in this lifetime.

To learn more about Swami and how to meet him I have many earlier postings on Arunachala Mystic and may also visit his website at this link here

New Shrine and Mandapam of Sri Poovathamman Temple

Mandapam of Sri Poovathamman Temple

Sakthi Goddess Sri Poovathamman

Old Shrine of Sri Poovathamman

Nearby cluster of rocks

Ganesha Rock outlined in white above

Close-up of Ganesha Rock

Opening to cave Swami occupied undertaking tapas

Entrance to Swami's cave

Entrance is small but inside parts of the cave are large enough to allow a person to stand

Inside of cave where Swami occupied himself in sadhana

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