Sunday, April 23, 2017

Support for the development of Arunachala Samudra

Arunachala Samudra is the definitive website of the Holy Hill. Connected to the website are 5 Blogs dealing with specific aspects of this area. 

These 5 Blogs are listed below:- 

Arunachala Grace—Information resource of the temples, ceremonies and people of Tiruvannamalai 
Arunachala Birds—Birds both indigenous and migratory found in the area 
Arunachala Land—Information about land, property and agriculture at Tiruvannamalai 
Arunachala Mystic—Dealing with the more unusual, and esoteric aspects of Arunachala 
Arunachala Satsang—Information about exploring the “I”

Screen shot of Arunachala Samudra homepage

Over the last month, the Arunachala Samudra website has been recoded and updated to make it fully accessible to all internet devices. Depending on the support of followers, as well as continuing to upload more information, audios, videos and features, it is also hoped to create an archival photo gallery hosted directly on the Arunchala Samudra website, of many tens of thousands of photographs dealing with all aspects of life at Arunachala. 

In this regard support and help is invited for this endeavour and also for the continuing development of the Arunachala Samudra Website with its connected Blogs. 

There is a PayPal function at the top of the left column of this page for your convenience. Thank you for participating in helping disseminate information about the most Blessed and Sacred Arunachala throughout the World. With fond wishes.

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